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About Us

Our Beginning

Veterans Christian Network was founded in 2018 by a homeless couple and because they had seen a lot of homeless veterans in Illinois, and because they have a friend that was a homeless veteran, of which they had helped, they decided to start helping veterans in Illinois. One of the founders had a long time friend from elementary school that had enlisted in the military, when he came home he realized quickly the struggle of adjusting to civilian life. He reached out the one of the founders for help, he was homeless and had substance abuse issues. They were able to help find him a place to live, pay his rent and utilities, and find counseling for him so that he could get back on his feet. Thanks to their help, he is now a successful business owner who is able to provide for himself and his family.

My husband and I decide since we where able to help his friend which is a veteran, how many more veterans could we help? So we decided to use my husbands back pay from his disability to start Veterans Christian Network to help as many other veterans as we could help. Currently we are not getting any pay from this organization that I have started with his back pay, we live off of his monthly disability check only.

Through their firsthand experience, the founders of Veterans Christian Network learned many of the challenges and obstacles many veterans face when they leave their service. Their mission is clear, they want to help prevent veterans that are adjusting to their new life from becoming another statistic. There are too many veterans that are homeless, unemployed, addicted, or just struggling. Veterans Christian Network is here to help the local veterans and their families in Illinois to not just get on their feet, but thrive.

We are currently trying to meet with other organizations to see if they wish to join us with our ideas of giving support to veterans and their families in the way that we are supporting veterans. Our organization is new, and we had personally seen how other organizations provide assistants to the general public much less veterans and their families. Our organization is looking to change the standard of charity organizations of which they will help a veteran, but it is very limited, and we are wishing to change that way of helping veterans.

Other organizations will only help with very little of the bills that are mandatory in that organization’s ability or rules. We are wishing to make it so that any bill such as a cell phone bill, insurance bill, cable bill, car repairs, and medical bills are also a top priority. And we are wishing to make it so that you only go ask one organization and not travel to several different organizations seeking the help(funding) that you need to receive.

Part of the reason why my wife and I had started this organization is because we have been in the same position as many of these veterans and the general public have been seeking the help they need. We had to take a chance and travel in a vehicle that needed repairs (new brakes) to other organizations seeking the remaining funding for the cost of the new brakes, which put us at risk of having an accident and it could have hurt others on the road as well. I know they did help us to make the repairs, but we had to travel many miles to other organizations seeking the remaining amount of the cost to make the repairs we needed.

This organization we started is mainly to help veterans only, and the veterans that have already come to us stating that they have seen the same problem as we had seeking help. You already know that we have been homeless, and we have been in the same position as many of these veterans are currently in now. All the organizations that we have seen and spoken with as people in need are the organizations that we are seeking their partnership with changing the way support for veterans and the general public are handled.

If you wish to support the way that we are working to change please donate to https://www.givegab.com/campaigns/support-homeless-veterans-and-their-families

Our Veterans and their families are very important people that deserve the very best that this world has to offer, and we want to make sure they receive the treatment they have more than earned, by serving our country!

Veterans Only Tiny Home Community Project

We are working to provide a tiny home community for veterans only and their families. In this community we will provide homeless veterans with job services, job training, transportation, counseling, and many other services. Our goal is to create a community that can provide a home for homeless veterans until they are able to provide for themselves. We would like this community to be the largest veterans only tiny home community in the country.

Yes, we do have very large goals, but with help from the public we will be able to reach our goals or come very close to reaching those goals. We already have our eyes on a property that would be able to provide the ability for us to create the largest veterans only tiny home community in the country. If you wish to speak with us about our goals that we have in place, please call our office or come visit us during our office hours. Currently we are out collecting donations on the streets of Wheaton, and we are available on Mondays, and Tuesdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

We are happy to show you our Strategic Plan and we will have another Strategic Plan for the Veterans Only Tiny Home Community project coming very soon. Our Board of Directors will start to meet weekly on Mondays to discus our plans for the funds that had been collected the previous week. Please we invite you to come and visit our office to give us your ideas for supporting our veterans. Again we invite you to come and meet us. We are open for your ideas and we want to hear them. That reminds me of an old saying “It Takes a Village”

Veterans Christian Network is focused on giving veterans the help they are in need of receiving. We have seen many veterans coming to us seeking help where other organizations are not able to assist them fully or not at all. The difference between Veterans Christian Network and other organizations is that we will try to assist the veterans who come to us fully no matter what it is they are seeking assistants with.

We have already assisted some veterans with there financial issues from the donations that we have received on the streets, and from our sponsor Walmart Foundation. Veterans Christian Network continues to seek donations from those that are supporters of our organization. We are currently applying for state, federal, and corporate grants in hopes of receiving support for our projects.

If you wish to know more about our projects we welcome you to visit our office in Lombard, IL. we will share with you our plans and give you the information you are seeking about our projects and any other information you are wishing to review. If you wish to support our projects please click on the donation button on the top of this page or donate here at https://www.givegab.com/campaigns/support-homeless-veterans-and-their-families