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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Contact: Todd Olshefski                               

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 Veterans Christian Network, Inc.

(501c3 nonprofit organization)

                                                                                 Tiny Home Community


Lombard, Illinois, April 30, 2019


Statements Now in Court Records about the discrimination, prejudice and racist comments from the Illinois Attorney General’s Office by attorney Mr. Barry Goldberg to the owner (Priscilla Olshefski) and her husband of Veterans Christian Network, Inc.

Mr. Goldberg has made statements to Mr. and Mrs. Olshefski on phone calls to them both stating that he will not allow this non-profit organization (Veterans Christian Network) that is owned by a F***ing N**** to operate in his F***ing state for any reason. He went on to say that many other things about how he is going to make sure that a N***er is not allowed to run this type of an organization. He stated that he does not care about what he must do to stop my organization from moving forward, because he thinks that niggers are only good for one thing, and that is for them to die in another country. And the niggers that have gone into the service, have not earned the rights as others for a tiny home community such as we are working hard to be able to build for all veterans.

Regardless of how difficult Mr. Goldberg is making it for us, we are still working to create this tiny home community a reality for homeless veterans and their families. We have been using our own money to pay for the planning and development of our project, we have been paying for it ourselves with my husband’s monthly disability checks, and we have received some support from Walmart Foundation as well, of which has helped a lot to move forward with our planning.

When it comes to Mr. Goldberg, he started calling us the end of September in 2018. He stated that he had been investigating my organization for six months already, and if that was the truth, then he was investigating my organization before I had gotten the articles of incorporation, before we had our IRS 501c3 documents, or our state tax exemption and before we had an office, we did spend over $10,000.00 of our own money of which we did loan to the organization from our personal life savings. Mr. Goldberg is trying to say that we had taken funds from donations that we had received from the streets and used it for ourselves instead of helping the veterans and their families. We sent Mr. Goldberg documented proof showing him the DD214 forms of the veterans we have helped and still are helping today.

Mr. Goldberg started off by ordering us to shut down completely and by calling me a F***ing Nigger and telling me a Nigger does not deserve to own a F***ing organization that helps veterans and their families. The only people allowed to do it are veterans, and not worthless homeless niggers aren’t allowed to own an organization for veterans that have never severed in the military. We even have a veteran that had heard Mr. Goldberg making those statements and many other remarks to us that he was not aware of him being present during the phone call. This veteran is willing to give a video or written statement about the things he heard Mr. Goldberg saying to us. This veteran no longer lives in Illinois, but we have been in contact with him and he is willing to speak about it in court via live video.

Mr. Goldberg had gone to the point of calling all the people that we had planned on having to become board members and informing them that they will lose everything including their homes, kids, and go to jail. Plus, one woman that wanted to become a board member is a veteran and he informed her that if she becomes a part of my organization, he will make sure that she loses her honorable discharge from the military, lose her kids, and go to jail. But when it comes to every person that Mr. Goldberg has spoken with that wanted to become a part of my organization, he has made threats to those people. The actions and words of Mr. Goldberg are discriminating, racist, slander, and not what representatives for the State of Illinois are supposed to be supporting or representing. It is slander what Mr. Goldberg is doing. We need to find a way to inform Mr. Kwame Raoul about his attorney that works for him about the actions he has taken towards us and our organization. It is slander and illegal. Mr. Goldberg’s actions have prevented us from getting a place to live, because of his phone calls to our creditors slandering us and our organization. He stated that he is going to run us out of his state. He says that a fu**ing nigger like me is not welcomed in his state and he was going to make sure that we are gone no matter what it takes for him to get it done. Plus, he is going to make sure that he puts my husband in prison where a criminal and nigger lover like him belongs.

With Mr. Goldberg being a part of the Illinois State Attorney General’s Office, I thought that he was supposed to protect the public from people like himself. Racist people, and from the discrimination that he is showing to us now. I have documents showing the veterans that we have helped, and the money that we have collected from the general public of which is $3,070.86, and not the $10,000.00 that he is claiming that we have collected from the general public. We never collected that much funding from the public as he is claiming. So that alone we can provide proof he is lying about the funds. Granted I know that I have made mistakes, but him doing what he is to my organization is not what he is supposed to be doing. He is supposed to help us to correct it, and not threaten us to shut down.

We are working hard to make this plan happen, and my husband and I have given our life savings to this organization, which is well over $30,000.00 up to this point today. But we had given the organization a loan of $28,789.00 and that is all we have asked the organization to return to us, but we have given the organization now well over $35,000.00 to this day. (April 30, 2019) How did Mr. Goldberg come up with us using funds that had been donated to the organization. All donations from the public have been used for veterans only, and it’s all documented. The funding that Mr. Goldberg says was donated from the general public was a part of our life savings ($10,000.00) of which we loaned to the organization and it’s not from the general public as Mr. Goldberg has claimed in the lawsuit that he has filed against us and our organization to make sure we personally pay back that $10,000.00 to the organization. We have offered many times to work together with the AG’s office to make sure that we do things correctly, and he refuses our offers. http://veteranschristiannetwork.org/make-a-donation/

Todd Olshefski
Veterans Christian Network, Inc.

Veterans Only Tiny Home Community
Lombard, Illinois, January 24, 2019

Largest Tiny Home Community in the United States for Homeless Veterans and their Families Only, to be built by Veterans Christian Network in Du Page County Illinois.

Veterans Christian Network, while still a young organization, has demonstrated the fiscal responsibility necessary to ensure effective allocation of funds received via a variety of revenue streams, including donations and corporate sponsorships. Our activities are overseen by a group of well-qualified individuals. Our diverse staff members have ties to the community, and thus possess the unique ability to relate to the target demographic. Additionally, our Board of Directors is comprised of a professional group of talented individuals who are dedicated to committing their time and resources to building a stronger community.

We are looking at building a tiny home community that is Eco-green with solar panels bought and installed by Futurez NFP Incorporation of which they are planning to train unemployed veterans to install the solar panels. The project is to be within Du Page County on a site that we are currently reviewing now, and if approved the site will be able to house between 4,000 to 6,000 homeless veterans and their families, and we are also looking at other properties to purchase other properties for other phases to this project. If the other properties are purchased it will allow us to house another 1,000 to 2,000 homeless veterans and their families.

Veterans Christian Network is in the starting phases of the planning for this project and is still seeking funding for this project through grants, corporate sponsorships, and donations. Veterans Christian Network has been informed by their architects this will be the largest project they have ever seen in the country and would be proud to be a part of the project, of which we agreed to have them as a part of this project. The name of the architect firm will be released later. This firm is also creating a PowerPoint presentation for a view of how our project will be seen once completed.

This project does not only need funding but, Veterans Christian Network
needs support from the general public, along with local, state, and national politicians so
that we are able to move forward with this project. If someone wishes to become a part
of this project, or to donate please contact us at veteranschristiannetwork.com or
veteranschristiannetwork.org to contact us.

Homeless Couple Puts Homeless Veterans First

Homeless couple Todd and Priscilla Olshefski are focused on getting their nonprofit up and running to help Illinois veterans with housing and assistance.

Lombard, IL – June 26th, 2018 A new nonprofit is coming together in the Lombard area with the focus on helping to find housing and assist military veterans in Indiana. Veteran’s Christian Network has big plans to purchase homes and remodel them to allow homeless vets and their families to have an opportunity to get on their feet and find their place in civilian life. The nonprofit is still in its startup state, but co-founders Todd and Priscilla Olshefski are no strangers to helping homeless vets.

The organization was started after Todd had a childhood friend return from service with an unrecognizable demeanor. The friend eventually stumbled on the path of drugs and alcohol only to find himself homeless. After months of living on the streets, he finally decided to reach out to his long-time friend for help. Todd and Priscilla stepped in to find him a safe place to stay and took care of his major bills until he was able to take over financially. With their help, he was able to go to meetings and doctors for his drug and alcohol problems, create stability in his life, and start his own company that’s still open today.

After seeing how giving someone a little faith and financial help can turn someone’s life around, the couple decided that they wanted to form their own nonprofit that is focused on assisting veterans in the same way they helped their friend. The organization is named Veterans Christian Network and will help in a variety of ways including paying for utility bills and rent assistance, helping to find affordable housing, formatting a proper resume and helping to find a job. Veterans Christian Network is truly dedicated to assisting veterans and their families.

Veterans Christian Network co-founder, Todd Olshefski, and his wife Priscilla are working hard to fund raise for the organizations first big purchase: an office space. Currently, the two themselves are homeless and working hard regularly to solicit donations from the side of the road. They have already rented an office building and are working toward their goal of opening the office for at least support groups and supportive services to job seekers for the families of our veterans. Todd Olshefski says, “We’re working hard to put our veterans first, even if it means we’re still homeless for the time being.”

They are looking to work with other non-profit organizations in the local area.  All they wish to do is to provide our veterans and their families the best possible services and teaming up with other nonprofits is the correct way to make it happen. Veterans Christian Network cannot do it on their own and having the other nonprofits work with them can bring a lot of support to our veterans and their families.

For Immediate Release: December 10th, 2018
For More Information Contact:
Todd Olshefski, Chairman of the Board toddo@yn6.f04.myftpupload.com
630-686-2900 Office
630-656-1235 Fax

Veterans Christian Network http://veteranschristiannetwork.org Encourages the citizens of Illinois to support the ideas of Veterans Christian Network to create a veterans only tiny home community in the DuPage county area. And to support the ideas spoken about in the Press Release.

Lombard, IL. – – – We are currently trying to meet with other organizations to see if they wish to join us with our ideas of giving support to veterans and their families in the way that we are supporting veterans. Our organization is new, and we had personally seen how other organizations provide assistants to the general public much less veterans and their families. Our organization is looking to change the standard of charity organizations of which they will help a veteran, but it is very limited, and we are wishing to change that way of helping veterans.

Other organizations will only help with very little of the bills that are mandatory in that organization’s ability or rules. We are wishing to make it so that any bill such as a cell phone bill, insurance bill, cable bill, car repairs, and medical bills are also a top priority. And we are wishing to make it so that you only go ask one organization and not travel to several different organizations seeking the help(funding) that you need to receive.

Part of the reason why my wife and I had started this organization is because we have been in the same position as many of these veterans and the general public have been seeking the help they need. We had to take a chance and travel in a vehicle that needed repairs (new brakes) to other organizations seeking the remaining funding for the cost of the new brakes, which put us at risk of having an accident and it could have hurt others on the road as well. I know they did help us to make the repairs, but we had to travel many miles to other organizations seeking the remaining amount of the cost to make the repairs we needed.

This organization we started is mainly to help veterans only, and the veterans that have already come to us stating that they have seen the same problem as we had seeking help. You already know that we have been homeless, and we have been in the same position as many of these veterans are currently in now. All the organizations that we have seen and spoken with as people in need are the organizations that we are seeking their partnership with changing the way support for veterans and the general public are handled. We will make these changes and ask other organizations to make the same changes.

If you wish to support the way that we are working to change please donate to https://www.givegab.com/campaigns/support-homeless-veterans-and-their-families

For Immediate Release: December 07th, 2018
For More Information Contact:
Todd Olshefski, Chairman of the Board

630-686-2900 Office
630-656-1235 Fax
Veterans Christian Network http://veteranschristiannetwork.org Encourages the citizens of Illinois to support the ideas of Veterans Christian Network to create a veterans only tiny home community in the DuPage county area. And to support the ideas spoken about in the Press Release.

Lombard, IL. – – – Veterans Christian Network is working very hard to provide a tiny home community in the DuPage County area. The plans that we are trying to create makes this community one of the largest veterans only tiny home communities in the country. Our plans include a community center that helps the veterans and their families to receive the assistants they are seeking from food stamps, job training, job searches, vehicle repairs, medical devices, medical assistants, and many other things the veterans are needing to help them to move forward in their life’s.

Our main goal is to assist veterans and give them a safe place to live and to remove them from the streets of Illinois. We feel these veterans no matter when they had served, or the reason they had left the service, or where they are in living to receive our assistants, because of the service they have provided to our country. They have served and given of themselves to protect our home and way of life and have more than earned the services that we should provide for them.

Granted Veterans Affair does provide assistants to the veterans with housing and medical for them, but they also must wait for 18 to 24 months before they are able to receive housing and we feel that is to long for them to wait and we are here wanting to provide the housing for them within a few hours or days instead of several months. Veterans Christian Network is trying to provide another solution to this problem and give the veterans a home until Veterans Affair can provide them with housing.

We are currently reaching out to our sponsors and seeking grants to fund this project, and we need others to assist Veterans Christian Network to develop more detailed plans for this project. We are seeking volunteers with the experience in this sort of project and we are seeking donors to help us to fund this project with materials, and financial assistants for purchasing the land that we are seeking to place this community on a large plot of land in the DuPage County area.

If your able to provide donations or can spread the word about our project and assist us to raise the funds for this project, please spread the link below to all your friends and ask them to donate so that we are able to move this project from paper to reality. If you wish to meet with us or give a donation in person please visit our office in Lombard, IL.

If you wish to support the way that we are working to change please donate to https://www.givegab.com/campaigns/support-homeless-veterans-and-their-families