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Mr. Carl Qualls

United States Air Force Veteran

Mr. Qualls had come to Veterans Christian Network with a problem that would cost over $2,500.00 to resolve. He had gone to other charities seeking help and he was directed to our office.

We had tried to find a way to help him to resolve the problem at a lower cost, but after several weeks we were unable to find a way to lower that cost for him, and we had agreed to help him to set up a payment plan for the amount he owed.

On September 20th Veterans Christian Network had paid a deposit of $739.50 to start a payment plan for Mr. Qualls and Veterans Christian Network has agreed spoken with the county to arrange payments of which total over $2,500.00, which Veterans Christian Network is making all the payments for Mr. Qualls.

Carl has come to Veterans Christian Network for help and he is receiving it and then some.

United States Army Veteran and his Family

This is Chris, Alyssa, and son Christian. He is a United States Army veteran and we have been helping him and his family with major car repairs, tires, and we are going to be helping them with a Tiny home. We are working really hard to help this veteran and his family with a new tiny home. Please donate to help them get into a tiny home. Visit us at  https://www.givegab.com/campaigns/support-homeless-veterans-and-their-families

This is Harlin S. Neal a veteran of the United States Army that had also come to us for assistants with some bills that he was having trouble with, and we had given him a hand with them and we will be assisting him with some other items that him and his family are having problems with now.