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Volunteer Positions

Looking for new Board members to join Board of Directors

The Board of Directors helps to develop business plans, policy objectives, business strategy, and monitor financial performance and the overall performance of Veterans Christian Network. Potential Board members must demonstrate the willingness and ability to contribute their time and talents, understand the mission of our programs, and willing to help create better programs, and must be a person of vision.

To Apply

We strongly encourage online applications. Please attach your resume and cover letter. You may email: info@yn6.f04.myftpupload.com

Apply online Here.

Applicants should submit a resume and one-page cover letter (PDF Format) detailing their interest in and experience related to this position. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and the submission deadline is August 07, 2018.

We also accept applications by mail or fax. Send to:

Veterans Christian Network
Attn: Employment Manager
Non Profit Center
1196 S. Main St. Suite G

Lombard, IL. 60148

fax to: 630-656-1235


Donation Collectors

Donation collectors are needed to do fundraising on the streets in cities within DuPage County. These collectors must be willing to answer question about our non-profit must be very respectful to all persons they speak with about our non-profit. You will be representing our non-profit and willing to answer any question that you are asked, and if you do not know the answer request the persons information to later inform them of the answer. You must be able to pass a background check, this is required by the police departments for your permit to collect donations. This position does also include calling corporations about sponsorships and donations.

Apply online Here.

You may apply for this position by sending your information to email: info@yn6.f04.myftpupload.com